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How To Treat Periodontal Disease?

What Is Gum Disease or Periodontal Disease?


Periodontal disease is a condition where the plaque bacteria in your mouth are destroying the bone supporting the teeth causing the teeth to become loose and the gums to be inflamed and bleed. In the recent past there have been many published studies linking periodontal disease to heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s and many other systemic diseases.

When a person has periodontal disease, the bacteria are in the gum pockets causing a continuous inflammatory reaction in the body. Unless elsewhere in the body, the bacteria causing periodontal disease are always present in the mouth. Your mouth is a safe harbor for bacteria as it warm, moist and has a continuous source of food. It is possible to have the inflammatory reaction under control but it requires commitment on your part.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

The first step in scaling and root planning, this is where your dentist or hygienist does a deep cleaning of the teeth. Your dental hygienist uses either an ultrasonic instrument or manual instrument to physically remove the plaque and tartar. Some patients may need to be anesthetized before the deep cleaning is performed. Deep cleaning is not a onetime treatment. These periodontal pockets are deeper than 4 mm.  When the tooth brush is angled correctly while brushing your teeth, the bristles reach 1-2 mm below the gum line. Since these pockets are deeper than the depth the tooth brush bristle reach, you may need to get your teeth cleaned more frequently than every 6 months

How Can Dental Lasers Help Periodontal Disease?

Bacteria that cause periodontal disease are attached not only to the teeth but also to the gum. After the deep cleaning is done, the bacteria on the teeth are removed but those in the gum/ periodontal pocket are still present. Dental lasers can kill the bacteria in the pocket. These dental lasers decrease the amount of inflammation and thereby reduce bleeding gums.

Since the amount of bleeding and inflammation are decreased by the use of dental laser, the pain and discomfort after the procedure is also significantly less. In addition to all these benefits, dental lasers stimulate stem cells and aid in regeneration of bone and tissue.

What Is The Role Of Ozone In Periodontal Disease Therapy?

All of us know that ozone is used to disinfect the water lines.

Dental applications of Ozone are tremendous. The bacteria that cause periodontal disease are anaerobic or oxygen hating bacteria. After Scaling and root planing is done, and the pockets are disinfected with a dental laser. The ozone is delivered to the site of the periodontal pocket. The ozone releases oxygen making the pocket unfavorable to oxygen hating bacteria to regrow.

There is a strong correlation between diabetes, cardiac diseases and periodontal disease. Untreated periodontal disease may make your CRP consistently high making it harder to get other systemic diseases under control.

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How Can a Dentist Help You With Snoring?


What Causes a Person to Snore While Sleeping?

Have you ever been unable to fall asleep? I have. Have you stayed up all night tossing and turning even though you are tired? I have! Have you ever stayed up all night or have had to wake up multiple times during the night due to your partner or kid snoring! (I have been there too and I believe that this is the worst of all the reasons I mentions above)

Let me start out by saying that snoring is not normal. People snore because there is something either in the nose or throat preventing free flowing of air during breathing. This pressure of air makes the soft tissue in the back of the throat vibrate creating the noise.

 Numerous reasons contribute to snoring,

1.       Overweight or obesity contribute to snoring. The extra tissue around the throat makes the airway smaller causing the person to snore.

2.       Tonsils and adenoids obstruct the throat causing kids to snore. If your child is tossing and turning during the night, waking up frequently and has dark circles under the eye, have their tonsils and adenoids evaluated.

If the child is bed wetting even after 7 years of age, or they are on the ADHD spectrum, have the ENT evaluate the tonsils and adenoids. Sometimes, it may be the lack of sleep due to airway obstruction. The airway obstruction leads to lack of enough oxygen supply to the brain and body which causes the child not to be refreshed in the morning. The repetition of this cycle takes a toll on health.

If your child gags a lot during the dental appointment, this may be because they are unable to breathe through the nose due to airway obstruction causing them to choke.

3.       Congestion, cough, cold and flu affect the same way by obstructing the nasal passage causing a person to snore.

4.       Nasal polys, deviated nasal septum are also contributing factors.

5.       Alcohol and other relaxing drugs cause the tongue to relax and fall to back of the throat aggravating the snoring in an individual.

Why Is Snoring Bad for Your Health?

As we established already that snoring is caused due to some type of partial airway obstruction. We all know that our body regenerates itself during the sleep with the oxygen that it gets. If you are not able to get enough oxygen due to snoring which may be contributed by any of the above reasons, you are not doing yourself a favor. You are leading a poor quality of life and you know what, your partner is not happy either.

Did you know that snoring causes more damage to your more than smoking, obesity and high cholesterol combined?

Sometimes, snoring is associated with sleep apnea. Sometimes it may be due to a condition called Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome.

How Can I Help As A Dentist?

If you are reading this, either you or someone you know either snore or are diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have heard it from many of my patients that they had the sleep test done and did not have sleep apnea but still snore a lot. I have had spouses of my patients’ mention that they would like me to help address their partners snoring situation so that they can share the bedroom again.

CPAP is the gold standard if you have sleep apnea.  However, if you are unable to tolerate CPAP or do not have sleep apnea, Oral appliance may help you.

As dentist, I can make an oral appliance that moves your jaw forward and hold it in that position opening up the airway. This will help you breathe better. At Carrollton Smiles, we work in conjunction with ENT, Sleep MDs and your Physician to see if this is a suitable solution for your snoring problem.

 Dr. Bhandaru makes an impression of your teeth and uses a gauge to estimate the ideal amount of opening required to alleviate the problem. Them a custom oral appliance also known as a mouth piece will be manufactured for you.

The difference between over the counter and the mouth piece made by Dr.Bhandaru is that the latter is specifically made for you. It is not “one size fits all” appliance. The custom appliances are less bulky and fit better making them more acceptable to you.

Also, it is very important to the right amount of separation for the jaw to make the appliance effective. Too much separation or forward movement will cause TMJ you get overly stretched and may cause permanent damage to the joint. Dr.Bhandaru will also provide you with a de-programmer to prevent shifting of the teeth and stretching of the TMJ.

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How Much Does Invisalign in Carrollton, TX, Cost?

Only certified dentists and orthodontists in the Carrollton, TX, area can fit patients with Invisalign to correct an oral occlusion. Dr. Bhandaru at Carrollton Smiles is a licensed general dentist who’s trained to perform cosmetic dentistry services for patients of all ages, including fitting them with removable braces like Invisalign.

Our staff oftentimes is asked how much Invisalign therapy costs, and we tell the patient it’s about the same as traditional fixed braces. The good news is, in addition to the many benefits of removable clear aligners like Invisalign, many insurance providers are now paying for a portion of the therapy. To find out if your plan covers some of the cost of Invisalign therapy, contact us today at: (972) 433-0283!

What do Invisalign Costs Include?

In addition to the upfront fee for the Invisalign aligner trays, these other charges are included:

  • Initial exam and consult with Dr. Bhandaru

  • Dental impressions, digital X-rays, and intra-oral camera photos used to make the trays at our lab

  • Invisalign and tooth care instructions from one of our hygienists

  • Follow-up dental exams

In some instances, the patient will need to wear a nighttime-only retainer for several more months to achieve their treatment goals. Those retainer fees are also factored into your overall Invisalign charges.

Can I Pay Monthly for Invisalign?

At Carrollton Smiles, the average course-of-treatment for Invisalign costs roughly the same as conventional fixed braces, or $3,500 to $8,000. Many insurance plans are now providing annual orthodontia benefits to cover Invisalign therapy, so contact our office or your provider for details. For our patients’ convenience, and because we understand everyone’s budget is different, we do offer monthly Invisalign payment plans. So, that means you can enjoy the many smile-restoring benefits of Invisalign therapy for less than an average car payment! 

It is always our goal to offer Carrollton, TX, patients the highest level of respectful and understanding dental care in an office setting that’s also fun and relaxing! For more information about Invisalign, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bhandaru, call Carrollton Smiles today at: (972) 433-0283.

How Long Does Invisalign Therapy in Carrollton, TX, Take?

Dr. Bhandaru is routinely asked by Invisalign candidates in Carrollton, TX, how long the therapy takes to restore their smiles. She tells them it depends upon the amount of correction that’s initially needed. Invisalign clear plastic aligners are not for everyone, and work best in patients with mild-to-moderate oral malocclusions like teeth overcrowding, excessive gapping, and over and underbites. In more serious cases, Dr. Bhandaru may recommend another form of orthodontia care, including fixed braces and an oral appliance. For more information about Invisalign, or to schedule an initial consultation at Carrollton Smiles with Dr. Bhandaru, contact us today at: (972) 433-0283!

Your Invisalign Therapy Snapshot

If you are a candidate for Invisalign therapy, the clear plastic aligners provide many benefits over conventional fixed braces, including comfort, convenience, and ease-of-care. And, of course, the main positive with Invisalign is that the trays are virtually invisible to onlookers! Here’s a snapshot of the average Invisalign course-of-treatment we use in our office:

Daily Requirements

The trays are meant to be worn 20 to 22 hours per day, even while sleeping. Invisalign should only be removed when you’re eating, or brushing and flossing your teeth. A failure to follow these guidelines can result in having to wear the appliance for several more weeks, or even months, to achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

Overall Wear Time

On average, our Invisalign patients go through a 6 to 24-month treatment period, which varies depending upon:

  • Amount of initial correction that’s needed

  • Patient compliance

  • ·Individual patient goals

Every Invisalign patient receives detailed “wear-and-care” instructions from Dr. Bhandaru or one of our hygienists to ensure optimal smile-restoring outcomes when the therapy is through!

When you or a family member are ready to restore your smile like-new again using Invisalign plastic aligners, contact the caring and understanding dental team at Carrollton Smiles in Carrollton, TX. Dr. Bhandaru and her staff believe in having fun while delivering the highest quality of total family dental care in a setting where you are treated with respect. For more information on Invisalign, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at: (972) 433-0283!

What are the Benefits of Invisalign in Carrollton, TX?

Many patients that we see at Carrollton Smiles with smile imperfections like teeth overcrowding, over and underbites, and crooked teeth also enjoy very active lifestyles. When they ask about convenient ways to restore their smiles, our licensed general dentist, Dr. Sirisha Bhandaru, mentions Invisalign as one possible solution.

Over the years, she’s fitted numerous patients in the Carrollton, TX, area with Invisalign, and most are surprised how comfortable, unnoticeable, and convenient the clear plastic aligner trays are. And, the natural smile-restoring results that Invisalign produces say it all! For more information about Invisalign, ask us during your next visit, or schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bhandaru today at: (972) 433-0283.

Would I Benefit From Invisalign?

Do you or a family member currently feel self-conscious about smiling because of:

  • Excessive tooth gapping?

  •  An over or underbite?

  • Crooked teeth?

  • Teeth overcrowding?

 In addition to keeping you from smiling and reducing your self-confidence, are these issues also causing chewing and speaking discomfort? If so, you are a candidate for Invisalign therapy. Please note that if your smile imperfection is of a more serious nature, Dr. Bhandaru will probably recommend another form of orthodontia care to ensure the outcomes you deserve.  

Invisalign Therapy Features

Time-after-time at Carrollton Smiles our happy Invisalign patients have told us that they most enjoy these product features while restoring their smiles like new again:

It’s Comfortable

Traditional fixed braces can sometimes cause mouth and gum discomfort when rubbing against sensitive tissues. Invisalign plastic aligner trays are designed with a patient’s ultimate wear comfort in mind. There are also no bands to be tightened every few months, which eliminates brushing and chewing discomfort that’s typically present for several days afterwards.

It’s Convenient

Invisalign trays are meant to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day, including while you’re asleep. When it’s time to eat, or brush and floss your teeth, you conveniently remove the aligners beforehand. That means you can still enjoy many hard or chewy foods, like popcorn, nuts, and other goodies. Overall, you’ll experience few lifestyle changes with Invisalign!

It’s a Confidence Booster

Studies have found that one of the first things strangers notice about us is our smile. At school, work or play, Invisalign’s clear trays are virtually unnoticeable to others. In fact, you can confidently go about your normal activities all day long with Invisalign in place. And, as your teeth straighten, you will be excited to show off your new smile to everyone!

It Costs the Same as Fixed Braces

Again, we see some patients at Carrollton Smiles that need fixed braces due to a more serious oral malocclusion. But for most patients, from teens to seniors, Invisalign is a refreshing alternative to traditional braces. Overall, a course of Invisalign treatment costs about the same as fixed braces. More and more insurance plans are now offering removeable braces coverage, including Invisalign, so contact our office for details.

Dr. Bhandaru and the rest of our caring and understanding dental team at Carrollton Smiles in Carrollton, TX, always strive to treat you with the utmost respect as we deliver the highest quality of family dental care. For more information on Invisalign, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bhandaru, call us today at: (972) 433-0283!

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