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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

It is that time of the year to celebrate your love..

I love shopping for candy and cards with my 5 year old, I love helping him write the names of his friends on the cards and making the little goody bags with for his class. Sometimes we do add a little surprise gift. But the class always gets a tooth brush and tooth paste from me (It’s hard to get the dentist out of me!!) He gets excited about all the gifts that he received, separating the favorite candy and of course digging into it for the next few days. This is followed by me nagging him to brush his teeth (the dentist strikes again!!) and him hating me for it. But it is the vital part of the Valentine’s Day in our household.

Now it’s my turn (Yay) I love chocolate, who doesn't? Especially the dark chocolate that I get to eat after the kids are asleep while reading a good book on my Kindle. I love the little cupcake that my family brings me.  The icing is always missing on it by the time I have a chance to take a bite since they have to taste it and mommy is taking too long to come to the table. My favorite Valentine’s Day dessert is tiramisu, I can eat a 2 servings of it and still have room for more.

With all this love and sweets, sugar is always on the back of my mind.

There is no harm in eating candy and sweets! Yes I said it, if you brush and floss right away! This is not always possible. 

So the alternative is to look for healthy sugars, Xylitol falls this category. If you know that your loved one is prone to cavities look for candy with Xylitol, Gummy bears are made with xylitol.

Not romantic enough? How about Chocolate covered Strawberries?  Edible arrangements makes really good Valentine’s Day bouquets with little or no artificial sugars as they are made of fruit. When you add some chocolate covered strawberries it is sure to be a winner. These my recommendations for a non-sugar loaded Valentine’s Day gifts!!

Now is the time to show your loved ones that you care.

Finally a little reminder to make this Valentine’s Day brighter, brush, floss, rinse and repeat twice a day. If any concerns call us at 972-245-3455.

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