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Sleep Apnea and Dr.B !!


If you have ever been to Carrollton Smiles to see me or Michelle, you know that helping patients with sleep apnea is very close to my heart and you may have heard the story behind it multiple times. This story is for those of you who don’t know me yet.

It was the day before my birthday in 2008, we received a call from my mother-in-law that was going to change our lives forever. She was hysterical and was saying that my father-in-law was in the hospital and the doctors gave him 24 hours to live.. This was unexpected since we had spoken to him few days ago and had no idea that he was that sick. Two months, multiple tests and treatments later he passed away. He had heart surgery that morning and he passed away that night due to complications.. This happened in one of the best hospitals in the country!! His death never made any sense to me, I always thought that something was amiss..

A little back story about the man that created my husband, my father-in-law was very active and religious person. He exercised every day, prayed every day, and had a very clean healthy vegetarian diet. He followed all the instructions of his doctors, took the medications as recommended. He was very fit sinewy man with not an ounce of unnecessary fat in is body.  But was uncontrolled diabetic, uncontrolled hypertensive with heart problems.

Looking back I now realize that he was a classic sleep apneic. He snored so loud that no one else could sleep, he was tired and sleepy during the day. He could never get the A1C levels or his hypertension under control. You may have heard the saying “hind sight is 20-20” I believe that sleep apnea may be a major contributing factor for his ailments and ultimately his demise. You will hear me say often “you don’t know what you don’t know.” My job is to educate you and point you in the right direction for a healthier life style. I want you to know your options and ask me how I can help you.

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