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Orthodontist in Carrollton TX

Every week we see new patients of all ages in our office that are afraid to smile because their teeth or jaw are misaligned.  Or, a parent complains to us that their child is experiencing eating discomfort due to an overbite, underbite or teeth crowding.  Are you or one of your family members currently dealing with these issues?  If so, one of the practice areas that Dr. Bhandaru sub-specializes in is orthodontia care.

The field of orthodontics involves a-variety-of restorative procedures that can effectively correct mouth irregularities, and restore a person’s natural smile, based upon age, lifestyle, and level of correction needed.  One of the more common forms of orthodontia care that Dr. Bhandaru uses in our office is braces.  Braces work by applying pressure over time that slowly eases a patient’s teeth in a desired direction.  When the course-of-treatment is finished, our patients can’t wait to show off their new smiles to others! 

How Can I Tell if I Need Orthodontia Care?

Most teeth misalignments, also called malocclusions, begin early during our childhood years.  The sooner the diagnosis and treatment begins, the faster the patient will feel and look better.  These are some of the natural smile “disrupters” that we routinely see at Carrollton Smiles:

  • Underbites and overbites

  • Crooked teeth

  • Wide gaps between teeth

  • Premature wearing or trauma to teeth

  • Tooth tips that are misaligned

  • Speech and chewing discomfort

If you or anyone in your family is currently experiencing any of these challenges, the good news is that orthodontia procedures exist that can reliably correct these problems.  Early orthodontic problem diagnosis, prevention and correction has further been found to improve the long-term oral health of patients when it’s carried out by a highly-trained dentist like Dr. Bhandaru.  In most instances, an orthodontic appliance is used to bring about the needed correction. 

What Types of Orthodontic Appliances Exist?

Depending upon the level and type of correction needed, we use these orthodontia appliances on our patients at Carrollton Smiles:

  • Fixed braces.  A series of non-removable bands made of brackets are glued to your individual teeth, and linked with wires, to guide the teeth into place over a period-of-time.

  • Removable braces.  Used mostly in patients with minor teeth alignment issues, these are usually plastic plates that cover the roof of the mouth while clipping onto some of your teeth.  Invisalign is a newer example of this type of appliance.

  • Fixed appliances.  Another type of removable braces that are connected, or constructed to work in unison, that can be worn on your upper and lower teeth.

  • Headgear.  More accurately referred to as an appliance accessory, removable headgear is sometimes needed when used in combination with other appliances, like fixed braces, and is typically worn while you’re sleeping.

If we can answer any of your questions about the reliable orthodontia care Dr. Bhandaru specializes in, or you’d like to get started restoring a natural smile in your family, call Carrollton Smiles in Carrollton, TX today at (972) 245-3455!


The Invisalign products we use at Carrollton Smiles involve the wearing of a clear, removable tray, or trays, crafted from comfortable plastic that’s worn over your teeth during the day and while sleeping.

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Orthodontics with braces involves teeth straightening and jaw alignment, combining beauty and function. Dr. Bhandaru will help you explore the options and timing if braces fit your treatment scenario.

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