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Teeth Whitening in Carrollton

Over the years our teeth get faded, splotchy and yellowed from certain foods, beverages, tobacco products, and poor oral hygiene.  As a result, our once bright smiles become discolored and unattractive, which can affect our self-esteem, relationships and success.

One of the restorative procedures that we offer at Carrollton Smiles is teeth whitening, which is a safe, simple and comfortable process that can be done in the privacy of our office.  Although there are several commercial teeth whitening products available, like toothpastes, strips and gels, they have been found to be less-effective than in-office treatments, and come with important precautions to preserve the health of your teeth.  And while it’s true those at-home products work in some people, it’s always best to speak with a licensed dentist like Dr. Bhandaru prior to using them.

Why Use In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Patient after patient, the teeth whitening process we use at Carrollton Smiles gets your teeth whiter more quickly when compared to DIY methods.  That’s because dentists like Dr. Bhandaru are licensed to use stronger, peroxide-containing whitening products, along with heat and light processes, that facilitate better whitening outcomes.

In-home products also have peroxide, but at strengths half or less than we use in our office.  Over a series of 30 to 60-minute office visits, our hygienist applies a fast acting, peroxide-based gel to your teeth.  Then, a heat and light combination is employed to activate the gel.  At the end of the procedure, you’ll enjoy a whiter, brighter smile guaranteed to impress others!

What are Some Whitening Precautions?

At Carrollton Smiles, we use only the safest teeth whitening products while Dr. Bhandaru monitors your progress.  Most of our patients see an improvement of 3 to 8 shades of brightness compared to when they first started.  The following are precautions we use in our office, and are ones you should also be aware of when using whitening products at home:

  • The higher the percentage of peroxide in the gel, paste, or tray-based system, the shorter amount of time you should leave it on your teeth.  Leaving it on for longer than the specified time may result in increased teeth sensitivity and dehydration.

  • You need to still brush, floss and rinse your mouth daily, especially after a big meal or before bed.  Teeth whitening is not a substitute for good oral hygiene habits.

  • Certain foods and beverages contain high amounts of acid and tannin.  Those can quickly cause re-staining to your teeth after your whitening treatments are completed.  At the very least, reduce your intake of products like white and red wine, sports drinks, black teas and coffees, berries, and sauces like tomato, curry and soy.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using in-office teeth whitening to improve your smile, or to make an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Bhandaru, call Carrollton Smiles today in Carrollton, TX at (972) 245-3455!

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